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10 min readMay 27, 2024


In the blockchain industry, where the pulse of innovation drives progress, choosing the right foundation is crucial for any project aiming to make a substantial impact.

At Silencio, we are revolutionizing the way people look at noise pollution, a problem that affects our physical and mental well-being and costs the global GDP a staggering $5 trillion USD per year. We’ve created a decentralized network that rewards users worldwide for delivering data on their surrounding noise levels as easily as using their smartphone. This makes our network unique because anyone can access it within seconds and start adding value by contributing. Thanks to our amazing community, we have already collected the largest noise level dataset in the world.

Our mission is clear: to harness the power of community-driven data to map, analyze, and ultimately reduce noise pollution in urban environments. But to bring this vision to life, the underlying technology needs not only to be robust but also perfectly aligned with our values and operational needs.

Enter peaq, the Layer-1 blockchain that has emerged as the driving force behind one of the 2024 mega-trends in the blockchain space: Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePINs).

peaq is tailor made for DePINs. Its Modular DePIN functions make a builder’s life exponentially easier while it economics and tokenomics are designed with DePINs in mind. Not to mention its vibrant “peaqosystem” of the top DePINs and enterprises in the space, as well as its commitment to sustainability and security. Put it all together, and you can see that peaq offers all the tools and the perfect environment for us to thrive and expand our impact.

But there’s more to it! And you wouldn’t want to miss the details on this one!

Why peaq?

When we started working on Silencio, we were still very open to a variety of potential blockchains to build on. Now we don’t want to talk negatively about any of them — they all have their unique benefits and perspectives. But for us, it very quickly became clear that peaq was the best fit for what we are aiming to achieve! Before we dive into the details, here’s a quick look at some of the impressive numbers that peaq has already achieved:

Impressed? Well, that’s not the full picture, so let’s give you the same clarity that we have:

1. Technical Alignment

At the heart of Silencio’s technological needs is the ability to process vast amounts of decentralized, real-time data securely and efficiently. peaq’s unique blockchain architecture offers just that, with a design that supports high scalability and robust security measures — essential for handling the sensitive environmental data Silencio gathers.

  • Scalability: peaq’s blockchain leverages a modular approach, separating computation and consensus mechanisms, which allows for significant scalability. This is crucial for Silencio, as it aims to expand globally, necessitating a platform that can handle a large volume of transactions and data inputs from countless nodes without compromising performance.
  • Security: peaq provides an inherently secure environment through its advanced cryptographic techniques and consensus algorithms, ensuring that data integrity and system reliability are maintained. For Silencio, which deals with potentially user-generated data that could be sensitive, having a tamper-proof system is non-negotiable.

Some facts about peaq’s network fundamentals:

10,000+ Transactions Per Second (TPS) — peaq allows for high throughput via asynchronous backing, capable of handling upwards of 10,000 transactions per second — with the ability to scale 50x (yes, 50x, to 500,000) — by 2025.

$0.00025 per Transaction — Enjoy swift, dependable transactions at as little as $0.00025, enabling frictionless operations for any DePIN.

Nakamoto Coefficient of 90 — peaq’s current Nakamoto Coefficient sits at 90, one of the highest across the Web3 space, granting DePINs a high degree of decentralization and security.

Affordable node hardware — Renting hardware to run a peaq node would only cost $3,000 per year, making participation accessible to anyone.

A block every 6 seconds — peaq’s starting block time is 6 seconds, and it has the potential to go down all the way to 0.25 seconds in the future.

Vast versatility — peaq is fully EVM-compatible and supports smart contracts both in Solidity and ink!.

Some quite impressive numbers in there, right?

2. Community and Ecosystem

A thriving blockchain ecosystem is pivotal for collaborative growth and innovation. peaq’s ecosystem is rich with developers, startups, and enterprises that are actively engaged in building a variety of applications. This vibrant community not only fosters innovation but also provides Silencio with potential collaboration opportunities.

  • Collaboration Opportunities: Being part of peaq’s synergistic ecosystem allows Silencio access to a broad network of partners and collaborations with other promising DePIN projects. As you might know, we already entered a partnership with NATIX Network, which is one of the largest mobile-first DePINs, and aligns perfectly with our vision! This partnership showcases the synergies a DePIN can find in the peaq ecosystem, where people come to build and collaborate on real-world Web3 use cases and applications. In the future, we can foresee more major collaborations with other DePINs that share our vision and mission, and collabs between other mutually-complementary DePINs as well, such as an agricultural DePIN providing coffee to a DePIN of tokenized robot cafes or a mobility DePIN providing valuable data to a car-sharing DePIN.
  • Enterprise and Institutional Connections: peaq’s wide ecosystem also includes a variety of major institutional and enterprise names. Most recently, peaq announced joining the Mastercard Start Program, giving it access to the payment giant’s vast ecosystem of partners and contacts and positioning it to connect the DePIN sector with the TradFi space. peaq’s other enterprise connections include IoT industry giants, automakers, and even international projects such as Gaia-X moveID, led by Bosch and funded by the EU, which peaq is part of. This access can result in more partnerships that bring enhanced features, shared learning, and even joint ventures that extend Silencio’s capabilities and impact. More importantly, this enterprise and institutional network grants DePINs like ours access to prospective clients, helping us build out the demand side and scale, which is a key objective for any DePIN, and drive the credibility of Web3 in the Web2 world, setting the stage for real-world adoption and valuable integrations.
  • Global Investor Access: peaq has connections with some of the leading Web3- and DePIN-focused investment funds, distributed all around the world and actively looking to support projects that are bringing Web3 into the real world. This grants any DePIN building on peaq, no matter whether it’s aiming for a specific region or looks to go global off the bat, access to funding opportunities and wider investors support, making for an invaluable asset to any project looking to grow and scale fast.
  • Support and Growth: peaq’s dedicated support to its network participants through bootcamps, hackathons, and funding opportunities for promising projects encourages continuous growth and improvement. This environment is ideal for Silencio, which thrives on innovation and adaptability.
  • Developer support: peaq has a dedicated developer support channel and is best-in-class when it comes to enabling the bustling developer community to tap into the potential that peaq offers them! As an example for this, peaq caters to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Substrate developers, two of the most popular Web3 developer ecosystems featuring the first AND second most active developer communities.

3. Innovative Features

peaq is not just another blockchain; it’s a platform designed with unique features that cater specifically to DePINs. These features align closely with our requirements for precision, efficiency, and adaptability.

  • Data Handling and Smart Contracts: peaq’s ability to handle large datasets efficiently, combined with its versatile smart contract functionality, enables Silencio to automate various processes. From data collection to user rewards distribution, everything can be programmed directly on the blockchain, reducing overhead and increasing trust.
  • Customizable Tokenomics: peaq’s flexible tokenomics framework allows Silencio to design and implement a customized incentive system that encourages user participation and rewards contributions in real-time — a key aspect of maintaining an active and engaged user base.
  • DePIN-friendly Economics: peaq’s economic model is built with DePIN needs in mind and enables us to grow and scale faster, amplifying Silencio’s own incentive and growth mechanisms.
  • Multi-chain Strategy: peaq IDs are compatible with several other major blockchain ecosystems such as the BNB Chain and Solana, and through its integration with Wormhole, peaq is bridged to dozens of blockchain ecosystems. This brings us unprecedented access to the wider Web3 liquidity while also amping up the interoperability in the wider Web3 space.
  • Modular DePIN Functions: peaq equips DePIN builders with all the decentralized backend logic you need to build record-breaking DePINs in record time. peaq is the only blockchain in the world offering a wide range of out-of-the-box Modular DePIN Functions like Machine IDs (think of them like passports for machines), role-based access control, data verification, AI Agents, and many more!

4. Sustainability and Compliance

Sustainability is at the core of Silencio’s mission. peaq’s commitment to reducing its ecological footprint aligns with this vision, making it an ideal partner from an environmental standpoint.

  • Energy Efficiency: peaq’s blockchain is designed to be energy-efficient, minimizing its environmental impact compared to traditional proof-of-work networks. It leverages the greenest technology across Web3, making it a great place for any sustainability-focused projects. This feature is crucial for Silencio, which prioritizes sustainability in all its operations.
  • Regulatory Compliance: As blockchain technology becomes more mainstream, regulatory compliance is becoming increasingly important. peaq’s proactive approach to compliance and its robust governance model ensure that Silencio can operate confidently in various jurisdictions, adhering to legal and regulatory requirements.

5. Enhanced Data Security and User Consent

Our integration with peaq allows us to assign a unique machine ID to every sensor while keeping users’ personal information anonymous. This unique feature enables users to own multiple sensors within a single wallet.

This feature will be especially relevant once we incorporate other IoT devices into the network, such as smart wearables. Furthermore, we save users’ consent to collect and commercialize their smartphone-generated data anonymously on-chain. This is particularly exciting for our data buyers because our data becomes verifiable on-chain along with user consent. This verification not only enhances the value of our data but also creates a premium for it. As it offers a compliant way to collect and sell data, it becomes more valuable for data buyers, especially as privacy laws become more stringent for data businesses.

6. The Team

Last but definitely not least stands the EoT Labs team, which is developing peaq as an open-source network! This agglomeration of big-brained, friendly, and incredibly supportive individuals from all corners of the world is one of the major assets that peaq has to offer! Not only has the core team of peaq been building actively since 2016, but also they have managed to attract some of the smartest people in the industry. You can feel this immediately when you get in touch with the team. And yes, all the technical stuff is immensely important, but you should never underestimate the importance of how well you get along with the people that you are working with. And we couldn’t be happier with the people at peaq!

To sum it up, maybe just take a look at what our CEO and Co-Founder Thomas Messerer has to say:

“There are multiple reasons why we decided to build on peaq, primarily the like-mindedness between our projects. We are impressed by the dedication peaq shows in becoming a catalyst for the growth of DePINs in general and the long-term vision they bring onboard. It’s clear they are a great layer-one solution focused on DePINs, offering outstanding scalability and cost efficiency.”

Theo Messerer, Co-Founder and COO adds:

“Silencio is transforming the way we think about — and act on — noise pollution. The project is growing fast, and peaq’s scalability and cost-efficiency are crucial in enabling that.”

What else you’re asking? There is something biiiig on the horizon!

Upcoming Mainnet and Token Launch of peaq: A Catalyst for Growth

As we edge closer to the much-anticipated mainnet and token launch of peaq, the buzz within the DePIN community and beyond is rising. These milestones are not just some technical achievements but really hugely important events that are set to amplify attention, attract investment, and broaden the user base of the peaq ecosystem — a ripple effect that Silencio is poised to benefit from! And in case you missed it, peaq just recently announced that the $PEAQ token launch on CoinList has successfully concluded and was greatly oversubscribed by the community, with more than 14,500 wallets contributing.

Increasing Visibility and Attracting Investment

The launch of peaq’s mainnet marks a significant leap from a developmental phase to a fully operational state. This transition is a critical indicator of maturity and stability, which naturally attracts both users and investors. For us at Silencio, this means enhanced visibility and the potential for increased funding. As investors and stakeholders witness peaq’s capabilities in a live environment, their confidence in its underlying technology — and by extension, in platforms like Silencio built upon it — will solidify.

Impact on Silencio’s Growth and Future Prospects

As we at Silencio prepare for our own mainnet launch within 2024, the advancements in peaq’s infrastructure come at a perfect time. The growth and strengthening of the peaqosystem directly enhances our operational capabilities and strategic positioning.

The increased attention and expanding user base of peaq create ideal conditions for us to scale our operations. With a broader audience becoming aware of and interested in decentralized solutions, we can tap into a larger market, eager to explore innovative solutions and earn from them.

Furthermore, we expect a drastic increase in the number of eager developers and users that are not only interested but actively participating in the improvement of our solution!

So the (near) future definitely looks bright!

To learn more about peaq network, the peaqosystem, how Silencio plays into it and more, we recommend you check out the following links:



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